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Shift Your Mind: Anxiety at a Young Age is Good

Good!? Excuse me? Have you gone out of your mind? I can accept that there might be a couple of benefits to anxiety, like being more protective and analytical, but inherently good? Don’t think so. Anxiety is a curse, that’s what it is.

I get you. Really. I’ve been in the exact same position you’re in right now. But I overcame anxiety. And looking back, I’m very happy to have had it. It empowered me. Really. Let me explain you why and show you how to start making changes yourself.

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Flying fear and what to do about it

According to a recent research, 25% of people in the U.S. experience some fear of flying, and 10% have develop a true phobia. Cuskelly, C. (2017). That’s where it’s starts to interfere with your daily life. This is the reason you might avoid booking plane tickets, and they prefer to travel by road. It might be preventing you to travel to different parts of the world, or make you unable to enjoy your life the way that you want. You should know understand that flying fear is something you have developed due to over thinking. Wunderman, A. (2016).

The fear of flying commonly develops when you have heard or seen horror stories which make you believe that flying is dangerous. Whether you have a simple flying fear or a struggling with a true phobia. Here we have some simple tips that will help you overcome it.

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Driving anxiety and tips to overcome it

Driving anxiety is a quite specific form of anxiety also defined as an “unreasonable fear of driving”. Commonly, people are afraid of losing control on the road due to which they are scared of driving. Some people refuse to drive while others develop a phobia. In recent research, it has been proved that 25 to 33 % of sufferers in the U.S. developed driving anxiety because they got into a road accident or they saw someone being hospitalized because of a road accident.

However, there is no long-term illness associated with driving anxiety that you have to worry about. Here we have some basic facts about driving anxiety and some simple steps that can help you overcome your fear.

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social anxiety and social media

The effects of social media on anxiety

Do you get stressed when you are unable to check your Twitter or Facebook? You may not believe it, but this is a real disorder. Social media is one of the biggest causes of social anxiety in the modern era. It seems like the more technology we are using, the more depressed we become. Research has proved that 20% of individuals who use social media cannot wait more than 3 hours without checking their accounts. It indicates that we are suffering from social media addiction. Not to worry though. In this article, we discuss the causes and offer help for social anxiety specifically.

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