Best Social Anxiety programs

Here you can find our top-5 recommended programs specifically for Social Anxiety. Not sure if you are suffering from Social Anxiety? Make sure to find the right program for you. You can also download our free e-book to find more guidance on overcoming anxiety in general.

Top 5 Social Anxiety Programs

#1Online TherapyComplete package personalized to your needs with qualified therapist, personal planning and much more.More Information
#2The Social Confidence SystemProgram designed by Social Anxiety Expert Sebastiaan van der Schrier. Based on 1000's of hours of coaching people with Social Anxiety. More Information
#3Social Reprogramming MethodProgram designed specifically for Social Anxiety. Recommended by industry experts, see below.More Information
#4Social Anxiety and Shyness SystemPractical program that also includes methods for shyness. Less profound but more economical and contains easy-to-follow structure.More Information
#5Social Anxiety AwayProgram by ex-social sufferer with clear scientifical insight on Social Anxiety causes.More Information

#1  Online Theraphy

Online Therapy is more than just a program. It is a complete and personalized package with personal guidance from your own qualified therapist. The level and quality of support and tools you get are incomparable to anything else out there. They assist you from start to finish. In our opinion, this is by far the fastest and most profound way to overcome any anxiety. For this reason, we always will recommend this package above anything else, even though it is pricier.

Online theraphy social anxiety
Key benefits:

  • Personal qualified therapist
  • Personalized activity planning
  • Live chat for the sudden difficult moments
  • Specific yoga exercises
  • In-depth articles, worksheets, digital journal
  • Mobile access to the platform
  • 14 days money back guarantee

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#2  The Social Confidence System

This program is created by Social Anxiety Expert and ex-sufferer Sebastiaan van der Schrier. It is based on 1000’s of hours of experience coaching people with Social Anxiety, and successfully doing so. You can read the many reviews on his site, like the one here below. He does not only provide a program to permanently overcome Anxiety but also teaches you specific tapping techniques for quick relief when necessary. Therefore, we think it is a very complete program, working on deep-seated causes and surface level problems at the same time. Even though it might seem to be on the pricier side, we can assure you that it will be worth every cent.

Hey Sebastiaan, I want express more appreciation to you for creating the Social Confidence System… I’m well on my way to finally becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. Dustin

Key benefits:

  • Proven quality program (based on 1000’s of hours experience)
  • Clear and calm step-by-by approach
  • Immediate relief techniques
  • Video, audio and text material for in-depth understanding
  • Extra material on how to redirect your life afterward
  • 60 days money back guarantee

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#3  The Social Reprogramming Method

This program is really focused on reprogramming your anxious mind, something we discuss as well in our free e-book. It bases itself in both CBT and NLP therapies, which are well-know proven therapies for anxiety in general. This program is even more specific for Social Anxiety however. This program has been recommended by psychologists with many years of experience in the field, see the video below. We find the program to have a little less depth than the ones mentioned before, but definitely provides a clear and easy-to-follow method that has worked for many.

Key benefits:

  • Based on scientifically proven anxiety therapies (CBT and NLP)
  • Very easy-to-follow routines
  • Clear call to action tasks
  • Both audio and textual format
  • Bonus products on gaining general confidence

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#4  The Social Anxiety and Shyness System

This is a practical and straightforward program by an ex-social anxiety sufferer, Sean Cooper. Although it is somewhat less profound or in-depth, his program is backed by science, practical self-help and century-old wisdom. The program teaches you specific techniques which give help in social situations, and if practiced regularly, overcome anxiety permanently. You can hear Sean’s story below, it is worth doing so and clarifies his experience and expertise.

Key benefits:

  • Very straightforward program, easy-to-follow
  • More economical
  • Good for shy people as well
  • Includes sections on building relationship
  • Extra bonuses to improve conversation skills

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#5  Anxiety Away

Social Anxiety Away really gives a clear understanding of how social anxiety works, and based on that theory provides a path to overcome it. The program bases itself purely on science and logic. You will also be able to have email support when experiencing issues. They also have a very clear free video explaining what happens during social anxiety, you can it out here.

Key benefits:

  • Non-fluffy, science-based approach
  • More economical
  • Email support available
  • 60-day money back guarantee

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